Friday, August 14, 2009

Checking out my J-Bass

Well I've been working graveyard shift all week at my new job so I haven't posted at all; messed up sleep schedule makes finding time to get on the Internet difficult.

I've been practicing on the double bass between 3 and 4 hours every day but today I decided to take a break and revisit my old Fender J-Bass. I broke out some Fake Book charts and went at it for a good 4 hours today. I immediately noticed that playing the upright has immensely helped my technique and ability on the electric bass. I'll admit I was no slouch on the bass before I began this journey, but my speed and tone on the electric is miles beyond where it was the last time I picked up the instrument. Playing with a bow has made me think about the note sustain much more than I ever have before. Even when I'm playing a thumping funk line I'm much more able to keep the groove tight and connected.

When I started singing Jazz, I realized that my classical training was what set me apart from a lot of the other jazz vocalists I heard at many colleges. I guess the same process can really effect upright v electric playing. Having the strength and thought processes that you gain from learning the double bass can really help you play at your peak when you have the electric in your hands.

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